In an homage to Bob Ross, who's paintings often included mountains, trees, and barns, I am proud to present this stunning image of the Eagle Cap Wilderness in the Wallowa Mountains of Oregon.

Captured right after the first snow of the year you can still see the evergreen trees at timberline over the dusted floor. These are my favorite kind of snow images as the detail of the mountains remains adding a beautiful contrast that creates a wonderfully dramatic scene.

This large image is also "printed" using a very unique process. I put "printed" in quotes because the image is not so much printed but bathed in a chemical bath like film after being exposed to lasers creating an incredibly detailed print. If you take a loop or magnifying glass and inspect it very close you will not find dots as you would a normal or giclee print but instead a continuous tone, the resulting image is breathtaking in depth and detail.


This print is offered in a limited run of 100 for both the large and extra large sizes combined. Smaller sizes of 12"X18" and below are open edition.

Sizes listed are for the print only at this time. I am experimenting with framing options that I hope to offer soon.

Open Edition: 12" X 18" @ $75.00

Limited Editions:

Large: 24" X 36" @ $350.00

Extra Large: 30" X 45" @ $450.00

Send me a note if you would like a smaller print via my contact page and we'll talk about your needs.

Almighty Mountains and Happy Little Trees
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