Lower Lateral Falls


Lateral Falls—lower. I took this image just as the Spring leaves were starting to show and processed it a little differently than I normally do. I had plans to hike the trail to the upper falls and bought a nice new backpack to carry all my photo gear when I shattered a finger on my left hand so all activities will have to be postponed for a couple of months.

It's hard to be stuck inside recovering every day when the weather has been so good, especially when you've got something new to try out.

John Day River Canyon


There are some interesting geological areas in the High Desert of Oregon and it can be difficult to capture it in a way that shows the grandeur of the area and keep it interesting.

I like this photo because the rack layers are the background of the image while the tree in the foreground is the subject. Each are interesting and together they make a much better image but not good enough to be printable.