Fireworks Over Cripple Creek in color


Well my first attempt at night photography didn't turn out so bad. Here is a picture overlooking Cripple Creek during the 4th of July fireworks event. There are many, many pictures of fireworks as they are a great example of capturing vibrant light in interesting patterns. What I think sets this image apart from the other pictures I took that evening was how the fireworks lit up the smokey haze above the city in red and blue.

I will be attempting to test print this image as I already have a request for it, perhaps a metallic paper will show this off best—we'll see.

Watching Fireworks Over Cripple Creek


Watching the fireworks over Cripple Creek from the train I captured this image and decided that I should try something that might turn out to be completely pointless—process this photo as a black and white image. I mean, fireworks are all about color—vibrant color—and maybe there's a reason I've never seen any other black and white images of them before. However, there's a certain drama created here that really draws me in.

Who knows, if I could print this like an old tin type photo it could be print worthy. It really is a fun scene and if there was enough demand I could be convinced this image needs to be printed.