John Day River Canyon


There are some interesting geological areas in the High Desert of Oregon and it can be difficult to capture it in a way that shows the grandeur of the area and keep it interesting.

I like this photo because the rack layers are the background of the image while the tree in the foreground is the subject. Each are interesting and together they make a much better image but not good enough to be printable.

Eagle Scouts


Walking on the beach in Oregon I saw these two eagles off in the distance and as I snuck closer I took a series of pictures. This last picture was as close as I could get before they got skittish and flew off.

The funny thing was, as I was walking towards them there were only two other people on the beach, an older father with adult son. They too were walking my direction and taking pictures of the scenery and each other with their cell phone. Once the eagles flew away I walked towards them to say hi and asked if they had gotten a good picture of the eagles as well. They had no idea they had been there and were sorry they had missed them.

It amazes me how often we can pass right by something of great beauty and not even notice it. Amazing and awesome things are all around us, you don't even need to slow down to see them, just focus beyond the ten feet in front of you.

Here these two guys were taking pictures with two Bald Eagles perched right in front of them in full view with a fantastic surrounding and they completely missed the opportunity. I know I have too, people have told me after the fact.

Live your busy life, do your thing, just lift your eyes and take notice once in a while. You've been missing some pretty awesome stuff. And come to my site once in a while and I'll show you what I've noticed too, that's why I'm here.