Historical Highway 30, otherwise known as "The Crown Point Highway", parallels interstate 84 along the Columbia River on the Oregon side. Rising 700 feet above I84 it twists and turns for about 18 miles and was originally used as the main route for wheeled traffic when it was built. Great care was taken to preserve the natural beauty of the area and as a result you'll find many pleasant paths and rock work along the way which actually enhances the area instead of maring the pristine waterfalls and vistas that cause you to stop and take note every one hundred yards or so.

Highway 30 will be celebrating it's 100th birthday in 2016. In participation I've put together this collage of one of my favorite roads so you can enjoy it year round. Printed on metallic paper these images capture the eye and bring the beauty of the Columbia River Gorge to you in a way that will take center stage in your room. Reports have come in from those who have displayed this collage in their office that coworkers come in to stand and stare at it multiple times throughout the day. 

This series of images, when matted with the dark green mat (colors online will vary due to differences in monitor calibrations) is 24 X 36 inches. The frame edges add about another 1.75 inches to each side.

Starting from the upper left you see Multnomah Falls (8 X 12 inches). Taken from a different angle than the standard "straight on" view this picture places the great waterfall in context with the deep colors of the rain forest.

Moving over to the upper right is the largest print in this collection at 12 X 18 inches. This is the Columbia River Gorge and the grandeur and beauty of this area is why Highway 30 was created as a scenic byway in the first place. Right smack in the middle of the picture is the Vista House resting on Crown Point itself. The day I took this picture the early morning sun played a light show through stormy clouds that created a great depth and color intensity especially when printed on this metallic paper.

Move on down to the lower right and you see a close up of the Vista House (5 x 8 inches). Created as a rest stop and viewing area it remains open today with restrooms, a gift shop, and a balcony above for an even better view of the river and gorge.

The lower center position has a bridge over a creek (5 X 8 inches). I took this photo while lying down in the middle of the road trying not to get hit. Fortunately, it was early morning and off season so cars were not a problem, or should I say I was not a problem for cars.

And finally, in the lower left is one of many rock walls along the way (5 X 8 inches). Highway 30 is lined all along with this type of rock work, some over creeks, many having arches, and even a few pull over spots with rock benches for those who can't resist getting out to enjoy the view and smell the moss and ferns and trees of the forest.

There are three tags along the bottom that say (from left to right), "Columbia River Gorge", Historic Highway 30", "frontierphotographer.com".

There are many, many hiking trails along Highway 30 and a Google search for "Highway 30 walking trails" will yield enough results with varying difficulty to keep you and your family busy for a long time.

This Collage comes framed and matted with a red mahogany like frame color with black trim and accents. The Matting is a very dark green to enhance the green of the forest and help the images to stand out. The result is a beautiful collection that works well together and because it comes in a standard frame size of 24 X 36 inches it's easy to place the mat and prints into another frame to match your decor if needed.

Excuse the reflections please but here is a snapshot showing the Crown Point Collage hanging on a wall.

Again please excuse the reflections but here is a close up detail of the frame and mat.

There is absolutely no way for me to show you the beauty of these prints online, the metallic paper reflects light back in a way that really causes them to "pop" while giving them a depth unlike any other giclee paper that the internet just can't portray. My goal here is to show you the images and collection and let you be pleasantly surprised when you see them in person.

Crown Point Collage
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