Only 50 aluminum prints will be sold.

The coming storm. The Fall colors. The herd bull keeping track of his cows. A dramatic scene captured on an early September morning with the elk rut in full swing. I titled this image "The Good Shepherd" because of how it reminded me of a pastor, though a member of the church, is not allowed to be a part of the congregation, always set apart–placed on a pedestal, and always keeping an eye on the safety of his flock.

Part of the "Magical Morning" series, this meadow was filled with over 200 elk, six herd bulls, and over ten satellite bulls trying to steal their cows. I spent about three hours photographing this site and spent another hour taking pictures of large and small bucks afterwards. With the air constantly filled with bugles and activity happening all around as the sun came up this was truly a magical morning.



At 24" X 36" The Good Shepherd is intended to be the focal point of any room. Printed directly on brushed aluminum with a floating frame causing the print to float off the wall 1.5", this print never ceases to grab the attention of everyone who sees it. It is impossible to show online how the light reflects off the aluminum making the colors pop and giving the print an almost 3D effect. I have had people literally beg me to sell them a prototype copy and I'm now proud to offer it for sale in a limited edition print run.

float mount.jpg

The Good Shepherd high quality giclee print

At 16 X 24 inches with a one inch border on all sides this print is a slightly smaller version of the aluminum and canvas prints.

Printed on a satin luster high quality 11 mil 300g paper with a one inch border on each side, this beautiful museum quality, archival print is ready for you to frame and mount. With excellent ink retention characteristics and a color gamut that is second to none, this paper maintains a traditional E surface finish that provides an elegant texture consistent to that of a traditional dark room print.

Being a giclee print it is guaranteed to last 150+ years without fading providing proper UV protection, i.e. not displayed in direct sunlight, is adhered to.

The Good Shepherd Canvas Print in a limited edition of 250


A 24 X 36 inch print on canvas with a satin laminate wrapped around and mounted to a thin but sturdy gatorboard. The pigment ink, canvas, and gator board are all archival quality to make sure your print looks as good 100 years from now as it was the day you received it. The canvas has the textured quality of fine art and the satin laminate not only provides excellent protection from dirt and UV light but since it is non-glossy gives many more options for placement.


From this angle on this example you can see the canvas texture as well as the satin laminate.


Once the canvas is wrapped and mounted to the gatorboard, foam mount blocks are added to the back making your print ready to hang with a floating appearance. The print will "float" off the wall half an inch giving it a contemporary look.


From behind you can see the mount block which makes your print ready to hang when you receive it and gives it the appearance of floating off the wall. This creates a more modern display.

The Good Shepherd canvas print—Coming soon!